Classic Blade Set - N12 Nylon - for Narrow Shaft paddles

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Classic blade set - N12 Nylon - to fit Narrow 27mm OD, 3 or 4 piece shafts.  
N12 Nylon is a super tough blade material, extremely resistant to damage and wear.

Pros, tough and hard wearing - stiffer than SF Polymer
Cons, Heavier than Composite or SF Polymer blades.

Great for playing in rock gardens - recommended for club and school use

Blade options:
  • Kinetik Touring 600 - 600cm2 area, 770g per set 
  • Kinetik Touring 650 - 650cm2 area, 830g per set
Use with a carbon composite shaft for a paddle weight of between 930g and 1105g dependant on blade size and paddle length.

For lighter options consider our Carbon Composite Pro blade sets or SF Polymer Blade sets