Classic Blade Set - SF Polymer - for Narrow Shaft paddles

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Classic blade set - SF Polymer - to fit Narrow 27mm OD, 3 or 4 piece shafts.  
SF Polymer - light weight plastic polymer mixed with short fibre glass strands

Pros, light weight - over 120g lighter compared to N12 Nylon blade sets
Cons, slightly more blade flex - reduced blade strength compared to N12 Nylon

Blade options:
  • Cybi Bach - 560cm2 area, 620g per set
  • Kinetik Touring 600 - 600cm2 area, 650g per set 
  • Kinetik Touring 650 - 650cm2 area, 690g per set
Use with a carbon composite shaft for a paddle weight of between 810g and 970g dependant on blade size and paddle length.

For centre or school use consider our N12 Nylon blade sets or for lighter and stiffer blades look at our Pro range of Carbon composite paddle blades.