Celtic Pro Carbon Blade Set

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Pro Blade Set - for Standard or Narrow Shaft paddles

Pro blade set Standard - Carbon Composite to fit standard 29mm 3 or 4 piece shafts.

Pro blade set Narrow - Carbon Composite to fit standard 27mm 3 or 4 piece shafts.

Blade options
Kinetik 575 (575cm- weight 564g for set)

Kinetik 600 (600cm- weight 580g for set)
Kinetik 650 (650cm- weight 615g for set)
Kinetik 700 (700cm- weight 635g for set)
Nordkapp (725cm- weight 520g for set)
Archipelago (Low angle) (610cm- weight 500g for set)

As standard our blades are finished in a Black Carbon Twill. 

Note:  for paddle weight you need to add the shaft weight, shaft weights range from approx 200g to 300g depending on length and centre joint type.


For Narrow  shaft 27mm OD - the same performance and features as the standard shaft but designed for paddlers with a smaller hand size.  The narrow shaft is suitable for those with a small to medium hand size, but it is very much down to personal preference.  As a rough guide, a narrow shaft would suit someone with a hand length of up to 17cm.