Chooosing a Blade Shape Omega vs Kinetic

Omega vs Kinetic

Celtic Omega Blade Shape

The Celtic Omega Blade Shape features a dihedral profile and is our latest design. Compared to our classic Kinetic blade shape, the Omega's dihedral profile means it is less likely to twist and flutter during paddle strokes. The outer edges of the power face curve away from the centre, directing flow across the face of the blade.  This makes for a forgiving and comfortable paddler experience, especially during longer excursions or when performing blended strokes. We have retained the slight curve along the length of the blade and the blades asymmetric profile which maximizes power during the catch phase of each stroke. This shape is available in all of our original blade sizes, providing a variety of options to suit all paddlers.

Celtic Kinetic Range

Our classic touring blade shape has proved its worth on countless adventures by comparison it is spooned across the width of the power face, allowing for greater power transfer with pressure directed to the centre of the power face during the paddle stroke. This shape will deliver more power stroke for stroke but requires a more consistent and precise stroke, especially when performing blended strokes.