Classic Sea Touring Blade Set - SF Polymer

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Classic Blade Set - for Standard or Narrow Shaft paddles

Classic blade set - SF Polymer - to fit standard 29mm 3 or 4 piece shafts.  SF Polymer is a lighter option than the N12 Nylon polymer blades.  The plastic polymer is light weight and has a softer flex.  A great entry level option.

"A great blade weight at a entry level price, great for paddling and have given me many years recreational paddling, but if you like to abuse your blades, use them as shovels or to support an adults weight for uses other than paddling consider N12 Nylon blades" PaddleGuru

Blade options

Kinetik 600 (600cm- weight 650g for set)
Kinetik 650 (650cm- weight 690g for set)
Kinetik 700 (700cm- weight 750g for set)
Nordkapp (725cm- weight 760g for set)
Archipelago (Low angle) (610cm- weight 660g for set)

Note:  for paddle weight you need to add the shaft weight, shaft weights range from approx 200g to 300g depending on length and centre joint type.