Classic Power - 4 Piece - Pack Rafting Paddle N12

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Classic - Power 4 Piece - Pack Rafting Paddle

Ideal for pack rafting Whitewater blades coupled with an adjustable shaft lightweight shaft.  Uses the legendary paddlok system for rock solid blade joints and the Kajak Sport adjustable ferrule system for quick and straightforward length and feather adjustment.

Sturdy white water specification - Nylon Polymer blades - hard wearing, 29mm OD shaft made from a Reinforced Glass Composite.

The ultimate less is more blade design.
The Kinetik Power has a more aggressive curve than the XTi and the dihedral power face is replaced by Sea Touring style subtle rib giving a powerful, efficient but stable power face.  A blade design suited to Pro paddlers when used as a whitewater blade but which lends itself as an excellent choice in the Packrafting arena.

The classic Power features a thinner lighter cross-section but retains excellent durability thanks to the use of Nylon 12. 

Breaks down to 4 pieces for easy storage and transport using a rock solid, sturdy Nylon Ferrule adjuster. Easy to operate, tough and reliable. Allows the paddler to experiment and fine tune both length and feather angle.  The four piece paddle uses the tried and tested paddlok system for the blade to shaft joints.

Weight 1150g

Strong durable blades
Adjustable length allows the paddle to fine tuned to the paddler and conditions
Adjustable feather permits the paddler to fine tune and experiment with the optimum feather angle, typically just off a Zero angle for Packrafting.