FACTORY STOCK - XTi - 2 Piece 45' degree - shaft 197cms - Also 191cms available Please specify.

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Classic XTi - Two Piece Paddle - N12 Nylon


Nylon Polymer Blades
Glass composite shaft

Robust Nylon polymer blades - hard wearing, 29.3mm OD shaft made from Glass white-water specification shafts.

The shape that revolutionised modern kayaking. Neil Baxter's original Kinetik designs have helped win a huge share of Olympic slalom medals. What works on the race course also works on the rest of the river:

Tip-heavy design creates rapid acceleration
Cut-away throat reduces boat-to-paddle contact for fewer missed moves.
Rapid loading of water on the face provides superior boat control, even in shallow water.
A smooth dihedral cross section reduces flutter.

The Classic XTi also features a reinforced cross-section for excellent durability, a tough polymer blade reinforced with Carbon fibres produces a durable, Whitewater blade. 

While it is a versatile and powerful paddle for the river-runner with a vertical (slalom-style) stroke, all these benefits combine to make it the definitive paddle for steep creeks.

Robust, and durable blades

45' degree centre padlock joint - Shaft 197cms 

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