Junior Whitewater Paddle - Mania Standard shaft 2 Piece - Leverlok - LF-Black

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The Junior Mania is a robust 2 piece whitewater paddle, that breaksdown for easy storage and transport.  The Fibreglass shaft is impact absorbent and flexible and unlike cheaper heavier alloy paddles will not corrode. 

  • 29mm Diameter shaft - ideal for smaller hands
  • Adjustable Nylon Leverlok - adjustable feather and length
  • Lightweight glass shaft
  • Mania Blade Design 650cm2
  • Dihedral power face - 19.75cm W, 48.5cm L
  • Custom lengths available - built quickly to order

A quality junior paddle - fibreglass shaft with a 29mm shaft suitable for teenagers with hand measurements from edge of palm to middle finger close to or larger than 17cm.  Super tough Nylon Polymer blades are ultra tough and light. 
A classic asymmetric shape which delivers the smooth performance of an asymmetric blade with a softer catch than you will get from a Kinetik shape.  Ideal for Whitewater but also more importantly on flat water, the softer catch is less tiring in non-aerated water.   The Mania engages the water more gradually, sapping less of the paddlers strength.

This paddle has a fully adjustable feather and 10cm of length adjustment.  The adjustable feather allows younger paddles to experiment with different feather angles and the length adjustment allows the paddle to grow with the young person.