Omega Carbon or Carbon Light Blade Set

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Omega Blade Set - for Standard or Narrow Shaft paddles

The Omega features a dihedral shape that reduces twist and flutter for a forgiving and comfortable paddle, especially on longer excursions or during blended strokes. The outer edges of the power face curve away from the centre rib, directing flow across the blade. The slight curve along the length of the our blade maximizes power during the catch phase of each stroke. This shape is available in all of our original blade sizes, providing a variety of options to suit all paddlers.


Blade options

Omega Carbon/Carbon Light 575 L50cms W16.5cms approx. Weight 0.53/0.50kgs             Omega Carbon/Carbon Light 600 L50cms W18cms approx. Weight  0.55/0.50kgs

Omega Carbon/Carbon Light 650 L50cms W18.5cms approx. Weight 0.58/0.56kgs 
Omega Carbon/Carbon Light 700 L50cms W19.5cms approx. Weight 0.60/0.56kgs
Omega Carbon/Carbon Light 750 L50cms W20cms approx.  Weight 0.62/0.58kgs

Note:  for paddle weight you need to add the shaft weight, shaft weights range from approx. 200g to 300g depending on length and centre joint type.

For Narrow shaft 27mm OD - the same performance and features as the standard shaft but designed for paddlers with a smaller hand size.  The narrow shaft is suitable for those with a small to medium hand size, but it is very much down to personal preference.  As a rough guide, a narrow shaft would suit someone with a hand length of up to 17cm.