Reinforced Clear Mesh Dry Bags

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These tough expedition-grade roll-top dry bags are made of clear reinforced nylon mesh. Whilst they are tough enough to withstand being pushed and pulled in and out of a sea kayak they are still light & supple enough to roll up tight to make a waterproof seal.

 The carry strap is provided with nylon swivel clips at each end. The D ring attachment can be used as a tie point to attach the drybag to your boat 

To roll - fill the bag halfway with the kit. Squash the bag to remove excess air and start rolling the top tightly four times to create a watertight collar then clip it together.

Both the 5-litre and 10-litre will fit into the main hatches of a standard sea kayak and also in the stern of a whitewater kayak. The clear mesh allows the contents to be easily found. The D ring on the base is a useful tie-off point to attach the bag to your boat whilst permitting access to the roll top.