Sea Kayaking UK & Celtic Paddles Demo Days

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To book a full weekend please add both days to the cart individually. It is possible to book 1 day only.

The demo days will start at the Sea Kayaking UK Factory at 0930 and end between 1500-1630.

Nearby venues will be chosen depending on the weather conditions on the day. 

Transport will be available to and from the location if needed. 

Each day will start with a talk from Nigel Dennis and we will learn a little more about each person's needs and goals. 

Saturday - Kayak Demo Day - will be an opportunity to get personalised advice from an experienced paddler with knowledge of our range and demo any of our kayak models on the water in sheltered conditions, with opportunities to try the boat in the wind if conditions allow.

Sunday - Paddle sizing workshop with Nigel Dennis the owner and director of Sea Kayaking UK and Celtic Paddles. The session will start with a lecture about paddle size and setup to improve performance and avoid injury. It will then move on to the water and start with a video of each person using their normal paddle setup. You will then try other sizes and setups and you will work with a coach to demo suitable alternatives. Finally you will get a video of your new setup for comparison.   

We have made a £65 charge for each day, however this will be deducted from the price of any kayak or 10% off any paddle purchase made up to 90 days after the event. 

It's a great way to learn how paddle choice affects your paddling, whether you buy a paddle from us or not. Nigel Dennis has been operating at the top end of the sport whilst designing and manufacturing kayaks since 1980. He's been making paddles since he bought Lendal in 2010. If anyone can get you to the right boat and paddle it's him. 

You'll get a joining pack with a demo disclaimer and directions after booking. We will also send you a form to collect some information about you to help us direct you to the correct products and ensure you get to try them on the day. 

With prior notice, we can arrange bespoke demos and paddle sizing for clubs and groups.